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Russell, The Courthouse Dog, Linda Drake, The Writ, November 2012.

Comfort dog becomes Staten Island district attorney's newest crimefighter, Frank Donnelly, Staten island Advance, June 2012.

Staten Island Facility Dog to help victims of sexual abuse, CBS New York, June 2012.

Pet Pleas: Witness-stand dogs new order in the court?, Brandon Johansson, Aurora Sentinel, May 2012.

Police dog's training is a comfort to children, Taylor Summers, April 2012.

Prevail welcomes "Odle", the organization's first facility dog, Sharon Smith,, April 2012.

Man's best friend now kids' best friend, Jordan Burgess,, February 2012.

Canine Calhoun helps kids in crime interviews,, April 2012.

A safe harbor, Tracy Bell, Stafford County Sun, February 2012.

Ada County is the first in Idaho to allow service dogs to comfort children who testify in crminal trials, Patrick Orr, Idaho Statesman, December 2011.

Attoney wants court house dog banned, Shaley Sanders, KLTV, December 2011.

Dog helps CHKD patients relax and focus,, November 2011.

Court support from canine companions, Michael King, KING5 Evening Magazine, November 2011.

Delta dog helps people through traumas, Elvin Klassen, Blue Line Magazine, October 2011.

Dogs in the Courtroom, WAMU, October 2011.

Branford therapist's courtroom dog calms witness in child sex assault case in Hartford, Randall Beach, Shoreline Times, September 2011.

Man's best friend in court, Brian Williams, NBC Nightly News, August 2011.

By helping a girl testify at a rape trial, a dog ignites a legal debate, William Glaberson, New York Times, August 2011.

Dog in New York case takes the witness stand, Christina Ng, ABC News, June 2011.

Court dogs offer calm to traumatized witnesses, George Walsh, AP, June 2011.

Dog's presence calms girl testifying about sex assault, AP, New York Law Journal, June 2011.

Use of service dogs to aid abuse victims originated with Seattle attorney, Robert Pregulman, Seattle Dogspot, June 2011.

Courthouse dog helps child victims, Jamie Grey, KTVB, February 2011.

Dog Puts Victims at Ease in the Courtroom in Maricopa County, Charlie Ban, National Association of Counties Newsletter, February 2011.

Taos DA to welcome four legged friend, Chandra Johnson, The Taos News, January 2010.

Dog used to help child victims in court, Alex Tomlin, KRQE, January 2011.

Perros de Asistencia Judicial: Ayudantes policiales en la investigación de delitos sexuales (Judicial Assistance Dogs: Police aides in the investigation of sex crimes), Detective, December 2010.

Are you upset little friend?, Northwest Companion, Northwest Region of Canine Companions for Independence, Winter 2010.

Courthouse dog to help ease victims, Dan Nakaso, Honolulu Star-Advertiser, November 2010.

Courthouse Dog Training in Hawaii, KITV, November 2010.

Courthouse dogs are touching, stress reducers for everyone, Ranny Green, Seattle Kennel Club, October 2010.

Court program uses service dogs, Kelley McMillan, Hobbs news-Sun, September 2010.

Courthouse Dogs Go South, Ellen O'Neill-Stephens, The Bark, June/July 2010.

Dog eases victims' burdens, Anne Danahy, Centre Daily Times, June 2010.

A good story from the Indiana Department of Correction, Stephanie Salter, The Tribune-Star, May 2010.

Newest Hand in Kitsap Prosecutor's Office Gives a Yip About Crime Victims, Chris Henry, Kitsap Sun, April 2010.

Cold-nosed comfort, Caryn Tamber, Maryland Lawyer The Daily Record, March 2010.

Working the Wag, Maryland Daily Record, March 2010.

Dogs help provide support in courtrooms, Kathleen Gray, USA Today, February, 2010.

Courthouse dogs comfort young crime victims, Diana Heffley, Everett Herald, December 2009.

Going to the Dogs - in a Good Way, Anna Persky, ABA Journal, December, 2009.

Courtroom canines calm kids, raise bias fears, Justin Berton, San Francisco Chronicle, December 2009.

Assistance dogs in court for children encouraged, KOB4, Albuquerque, November, 2009.

Rape Victim, 12, Describes Horrific Attack, WFTV, Orlando, FL, October 2009.

Courthouse Dogs program puts pets on the case to aid young crime victims, Selwyn Crawford, The Dallas Morning News, August 2009.

Canines in the Courtroom, Debra S. Hart-Cohen, ABA GPSOLO, July/Aug 2009.

Jacksonville judge wants dogs used in the justice system, Mary Maraghy, The Florida Times-Union, August, 2009.

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Lick of Help for Victims, Jim Haley, Everett Herald 2007.

Facility Facelifts: How Courthouses Are Accommodating Children and Youth, Manka Ngwa-Suh, Children’s Voice of The Child Welfare League of America, 2006

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