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Courthouse Dog at work
Molly B at the King County Courthouse. Molly B was bred and trained by Canine Companions for Independence. Photo courtesy Seattle Police Department.

Educational Outreach

Thurston County Prosecuting Attorney's Office
Olympia, WA
February 26

Cherokee Judicial Circuit
Cartersville, GA
February 29 - March 1

Fundacion Bocalan
Madrid and Navarra, Spain
April 9 - 17

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Download a best practices manual about courthouse facility dogs at child advocacy centers and in legal proceedings.

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Courthouse Dogs Foundation provides technical assistance and training for agencies that want to establish a best practices program for utilizing a dog to provide emotional support to people in legal proceedings.

In a Courthouse Dog Program:

1. The dog is a graduate facility dog from an assistance dog school that is
a member of Assistance Dogs

2. The dog’s handler is a professional in the legal system

3. The facility dog is utilized in such a way as to not disrupt legal proceedings
or create lega
l issues

If your agency in interested in developing a Courthouse Dogs Program, or wants more information on this type of program, please contact us.


Featured Team: Beth Eisenzimmer and Elvis

Victim Advocate Lori Jones and Lincoln

Beth Eisenzimmer, Family Advocate Coordinator for Children’s Trust of Roanoke, Virginia, and her facility dog Elvis work at the Children’s Advocacy Center.

According to Beth, “Elvis’ presence with the children and the families has been absolutely amazing, if not magical.  “There is an instant connection between them that bridges the gap between the trauma the child/family has endured and the need for us to get important information.” In the future, Beth hopes to expand Elvis’ role and make him available to comfort children during testimony.

Elvis was trained by Saint Francis Service Dogs.

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